Friday, June 5, 2015


I just love the month of June! I love the long days and the cool evenings. I love watching all the flowers come up in my yard. I love that everything is green and the air is filled with a newness of life. I also love June because it reminds me of my Grandma Johnson.

Though I was only 8 years old when she died, she taught me so much about life. She was an artist and a writer and saw the world in such a beautiful way. She nurtured my creativity and had a designated art corner in her kitchen for the grand kids. That was my favorite place to be in her house. :) She grew up on a farm, raised by her grandparents and had a beautiful childhood. I loved hearing her stories and learning from her. I'm pretty sure she's the reason why I have such special connection and love of nature.

My grandma wrote beautiful poetry and after she died we found several hand typed copies of her poems. I love reading them and am finally getting around to typing them up! I want to make them in to a book. :) My absolute favorite poem of hers is titled, "June," Hence, the reason why June reminds me of her. 


by Fay Johnson

If you should come and I’m not home,
into the surge of June I’ve gone,
among the new mown hay to where
the fragrant smell of June is there.

If you should chance to lift my latch,
I may be among the berry patch.
Or somewhere along the columbine,
submerged by eye, by ear, and mind.

Perhaps I’m seeking the wild primrose,
or hearing the coo of the morning dove.
I may be hiding in the meadow trees
listening to its birds and bees.

If you should knock and I’m not there,
Remember that I’ve gone to where
the month of June with me will share
fullness of beauty captured rare.

Oh how I love the month of June. <3


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