Thursday, January 8, 2015

I'm an RM now!

Hello there! I've really been meaning to start this blog for a while now.. but life has been pretty busy. A good busy though. :) I can't believe I have been home from my mission over 2 months now! Everyone has been asking me how I've adjusted to "the real world". I actually don't like calling it that ever since Elder Holland visited my mission. He told us that our mission was the closest we were ever going to come to the real world. I think I believe that. Anyway, as far as my life as a returned missionary goes.. it's been great! I feel like I've been very blessed.

My life definitely changed a lot in 18 months and I wasn't the same person I was before when I came home. I like to think I'm more mature, outspoken and driven. I'm still the same Rachel, but better. Some parts about coming home were really hard and I had to make some difficult decisions. But honestly, I've never felt more at peace about my life than I do right now.

I managed to get a job just a week after coming home and I'm earning enough to pay for my own schooling for next semester. I'll be taking 11 credits at Weber State and working full time.. go big or go home right? Don't worry I can handle it. If I can do a mission than I can do anything! *knock on wood*

I've been making new friends, reading lots of books, developing new talents and dusting off some old ones. I'm missing my 3 siblings who are still on missions but I'm proud of them and am excited for us to all be together again in just a few months. :)

I wanted to share this little video I put together of some mission highlights. My mission was wonderful and I had some good times. But it was also the hardest thing I've ever done. Through it all, I learned a lot about myself, made life long friends, developed a strong testimony and love of the gospel and most importantly developed a strong relationship with my Father in Heaven.

Serving a mission was so worth it! It was worth every tear, every slammed door and every sleepless night. I wasn't a perfect missionary but I know that God is pleased with my service because I felt the spirit everyday and did my best to be obedient and work hard. That's all He asks. :)

Well enjoy!

<3/ Rachel

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